February 10th, 2010 | Laser cutting micro sims

been collecting sims along my travels through asia and it sucks to think that i won’t be able to use my ipad on return trips. supposedly you can simply cut down the chip to 12mm x 15mm. i guess we’ll see…

the preliminary image used drawing the template. at&t’s image doesn’t match the stated spec size of 15mm x 12mm.

the template for laser cutting. black lines for scoring a positioning guide and the magenta line to cut. i can post the .dwg after i verify that the crop will actually run in an ipad.

the first line for cutting a template to place the sim card.

the second line for cutting the micro sim.

the cut micro sims.

UPDATE 04.30.10

the fit micro sim. a bit of a gap on the diagonal cut, otherwise a perfect fit. i can post the template after i find time to edit the dwg.

the contact side. a bit tight and unfortunately i won’t be able to test the cut sim as we’ve recently rerouted our trip around bangkok. my only question is how to recharge a prepaid sim if you don’t have a dialer? waiting for a the next iphone to do that would really suck.


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